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BAKO NUTS is a private company founded in 2000.

Our main activities include production, processing and trade with granular and powder products, spices, dried fruits, cereals.

We are committed to creating the best and most inventive products and services to be available anytime and anywhere. Retain the previous goal - via its consumer-oriented strategy, competitive offers and unique products to fulfil our mission and vision - to be synonymous with quality.


Wholesale and retail sales

Supplying food producers and retail stores with our products

large range of products for over 20 years.

Our Brands

Time Out.png

Premium roasted and

salted nuts and seeds


Premium seasoned

roasted nuts & seeds

BAKO Fruits.png

Premium dried fruits

BAKO Natural.png

Premium raw, unsalted nuts and nuts & dried fruit mixes

Be Good Superfood.png

Premium Super Food

(seeds, nuts, dried fruits)


Cooking ingredients

(spices, seeds, instant meals)


Premium Cereals

(musli, granola, flakes, bars)


Confectionery, chocolate coated nuts & dried fruits


Our employees are our driving force.

Our motto is "satisfied employees - satisfied customers". For this we apply

a modern and systematic approach to manage human resources, through selection and placement of employees, evaluation of their results, promotion and remuneration, as well as

continuous training.

Omer Fejzulahu,

Owner and General Manager


Our company went through a process of certification in 2017, obtaining ISO 22000, Halal and HACCP certificates.

BAKO certificates.png

Over 3000 products

Nuts, seeds, spices,

dried fruit, cereals and more.

We stock more than 3000 products at any time, available for wholesale or retail customers.

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Tailor made

Private label production

All our products are available for private label production.

Please contact us with your request and we will find a way

to fulfil your needs.


Constantly evolving

Innovation is part of

our philosophy.

We are always on the lookout

or developing new products we can offer to our customers and expand our portfolio.

Production facilities gallery

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